Snow Cave

A brand new addition to our thermal zone.  

Your Thermal Experience begins in the Sauna and Steam Room,  followed by a visit to our new Snow Cave and then into either the outdoor or indoor Hydro Spa Pool.  This route throught the "Thermal Journey" is perfect for stimulating your body's senses.

The Snow Cave is an almost unique experience (in the UK), enjoy relaxing suroundings then walk into the refreshingly cold Snow Cave. With the appearance of a cave, its high tech system disperses fresh snow around the room enabling you to walk in and feel the invigorating effects of the snow on your body.  Rub your body with the snow and enjoy a wonderful stimulating tingling on your skin. This animates your blood circulation and at the same time helps to strengthen your immune system.  Rub snow on cellulite prone areas to stimulate circulation and help eliminate cellulite. This unique refreshing experience stimulates circulation and aids muscle regeneration.


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