The Thermal Zone

Enhance your visit to the Spa with a journey through our Thermal Zone*. 

Sauna | Steam Room | Snow Cave | Indoor & Outdoor Hydro Spa Pools | Rasul***

Saunas are great for fortifying the immune system. The humidity of steam rooms benefits the respiratory system. 

Before entering the Steam Room or Sauna it is important to shower & fully dry off, so the body is clean and can become hot as quickly as possible. Always place a towel to sit on when using the Sauna.  Have a cold or cool shower between each thermal room,  this will release corticoids which have a stimulating effect and tone the skin.

Your thermal experience journey throught the Sauna and Steam Room should last between 5 and 15 minutes in each room and then rest for 15 minutes, it is recommended to do 3 cycles of heating up and cooling down to get most benefit.  The second cycle you should try to sit higher up in the Sauna,  remember to get out if it feels too hot (you should not be sweating) stay hydrated, drink pleanty of water.  

The contrast to our warm rooms is the Snow Cave, being almost unique in the UK, it is designed to compliment the spa’s hot-cold therapy, where clients alternate between steamy and icy environments. The sudden and extreme change in temperatures stimulates body circulation and is highly beneficial to the immune system.

The Snow experience should be followed by a dip in either the indoor or outdoor Hydrospa pool.

The Rasul is available to book as a treatment (from £35 per person.

This experience brings with it a number of benefits.

Firstly it enables you to enjoy some valuable time with your partner or a close friend. Many spa treatments are for one person only, but the Rasul is intended for two and is a wonderful way to reconnect with someone you love.

Secondly you will benefit from a complete full body treatment, instead of focusing on just one area of your body. If you feel your skin needs some general tender loving care, this is the perfect way to ensure it gets just that. The warming Rasul thermal muds combine with the steam to reach into your pores and cleanse them, while the soothing shower towards the end of the experience ensures you leave the chamber feeling better than ever.

Ultimately, you can also be assured your mind will benefit just as much as your body. If you feel stressed and pressured, this is the perfect way to let all those feelings go.

If you are looking for a Spa Experience to share the Rasul is just perfect. 


*Thermal Zone Rooms are available to anyone with access to the Health Club, Hotel residents, Spa Breaks & Day Spa Packages

***Additional charges apply for the Rasul Treatment

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