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Team Building

Team building events really get people working together, having fun and achieving success. Whether you're organising team building, awaydays, corporate fun days or team meetings then Thornton Hall can help.

Some of the most popular indoor & outdoor activities we have had a Thornton Hall include Catapult Constructing, treasure hunt and cocktail making.  Our most popular outdoor activities are duck herding & air rifle shooting to name a few

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Aim For The Sky Team Building 

Please see below for the full list of team building activities. 

The Treasure Chest

Our giant treasure chest is filled with prizes. Each team must follow
the clues on their treasure map to find 9 unique team challenges.
These activities will test their skills and earn them a key. The first
team to gather all 9 keys can open the chest and claim the prizes!

Chain Reaction

This creative challenge requires teams to build a free flowing chain
reaction across a series of platforms, towers, and bridges. Using a
variety of materials, blocks and dominoes the teams must work
together and problem solve to plan and build a successful reaction.

Duck Herding 

Using a trained border collie you'll have to herd a flock of 6 Indian
runner ducks around our obstacle course in the shortest time
possible. Our instructor will teach you all how to control both the
dogs and the ducks, but these ducks are known to misbehave!

Medieval Fun

Teambuilding goes medieval! Split into small teams you'll have 1
hour to build a medieval style catapult and score as many points
against your opponents as possible. After this we'll finish with a
friendly archery tournament with prizes for the top shots.

Archery & Air Rifles

A great introduction to target shooting, combining the relaxed
traditional archery with the more focused long range shooting of
air rifles. Our experienced instructors will have everyone hitting the
targets in no time. Prizes for the top shots and winning teams.

Chocolate Factory

Our expert Chocolatier will show you how to make delicious
handmade chocolate truffles and lollies. The best examples will
win prizes, and any that haven't been eaten straight away can be
taken away for later! This is a real treat for any event or conference.

Last Team Standing

A competitive team challenge in which groups go head to head to
win each activity. Our specially designed games/puzzles require a
variety of skills and techniques to succeed and, with 10 activities,
they'll be a chance for every member of the team to shine.

Mixing Cocktails

A professional barman will show you how to make classics like
Mojitos and Cosmos. Then its onto a collection of cocktail inspired
games and challenges. If you're looking for evening entertainment
or a fun way to end your conference this is a great option.

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